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The results of the state DI competition.....
The 4th/5th grade Project Outreach Team/Brand Aid coached by Mrs. Foremen & Mrs. Benjamin took a 4th place & the 6th grade structure team coached by Mrs. Rios took a 5th place.
All of the St. Peter's teams did a great job and should be commended for their efforts.
Thanks to all who worked tirelessly to help our students get to the state competition!
Go Storm!!
                                                                         Dazzling Divas!

                                                      Mission Statement 
          "St. Peter's School cultivates spiritual  growth and academic excellence by anchoring our students in Christian virtues. As a ministry of St. Peter's Church, all aspects of our school are faithful to Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic church."
May 2nd
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 St. Peter's School was established by Rev. Henry Sank in 1956 as the first Catholic school in Southern Maryland that was never racially segregated. Our school cultivates spiritual growth and academic excellence by anchoring our students in Christian virtues. As a ministry of St. Peter's Church, all aspects of our school are faithful to Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Classes are currently offered for Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade students. 

St. Peter's Catholic School, its faculty, parish staff and school community, strive to provide the opportunity for all students to develop their intellectual, social, physical, moral, and spiritual dimensions.
This mission has three dimensions: The message revealed by God, which the Church proclaims; the fellowship in the life of the Holy Spirit; and service to the Christian Community and others.
We affirm the belief that Catholic education is an essential ministry of the Church. It is the shared responsibility of parents, the school and parish staff, and the school and parish communities to create and maintain an atmosphere that will evoke in our students a realization of their unique God-given talents and enable them to witness God, not only by their faith, but by their actions.
In recognizing the challenges confronting Catholic education today, we work to provide a flexible approach to learning, sensitive to the uniqueness of the individual, encouraging programs that will help each student reach his or her maximum potential. We affirm the need for continual evaluation of the school, in the light of this challenge.
Given the education of our students as a vital ministry of the Church, we at St. Peter's continually strive to instill the love of God and love, care, and concern for each other so that each child will become an active contributor to the Church and the community. The school, then, is to be community enlivened, animated, and motivated by the Gospel Spirit of Love and Freedom.
We hope that the information on our website will acquaint you with our mission, our vision and the programs offered at St. Peter's. Please feel free to contact me at  schoolprincipal@stpeterswaldorf.org or 301-843-1955 if you are interested in learning more about our school. 
J.R. West, Principal

Campus Tour:  If you would like to visit our campus, please call 301-843-1955 or email us at schoolsecretary@stpeterswaldorf.org to schedule an appointment.
Visitor Policy:  All visitors entering the school building must report to the school office and must display a visitor's badge while in the school.

Saint Peter's Catholic School

Contact Information
Please contact the school secretary if you have questions or comments or would like to visit our campus.
Address: 3310 St. Peter's Drive
  Waldorf, MD 20601

Hours of Operation:
School: 8:15 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.
Before Care: 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.
After Care: 3:15 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Phone Numbers:
School: 301-843-1955
School Fax : 301-843-6371
Before/After Care Cell Phone: 301-752-0683
Before/After Care Billing: 301-843-1955
Tuition Questions/Billing: 301-843-1955
Daily Hot Lunch/Recess Volunteer: 301-843-1955

Faculty and Staff Email Addresses:

Principal, J.R. West: schoolprincipal@stpeterswaldorf.org

Vice Principal of Student Affairs, Mary Ann Bonifant: schoolcounselor@stpeterswaldorf.org
Vice Principal of Student Excellence, Tina Wagner

Secretary: schoolsecretary@stpeterswaldorf.org

PreKindergarten,Meagan Humbert:schoolPK@stpeterswaldorf.org

Kindergarten, Cheryl Kimm: schoolK@stpeterswaldorf.org

1st Grade, Patricia Pieper: school1@stpeterswaldorf.org

2nd Grade, Suzette Gibson: school2@stpeterswaldorf.org

3rd Grade, Margo VanDenBossche: school3@stpeterswaldorf.org

4th Grade, Diana Durkin: school4@stpeterswaldorf.org

5th Grade, Mia Tipton: school5@stpeterswaldorf.org

6th Grade, Haley Potter: school6@stpeterswaldorf.org

7th Grade, Gavin Arvizo:school7@stpeterswaldorf.org

8th Grade, Beth Watson: school8@stpeterswaldorf.org

STEM, Tom Brettschoolstem@stpeterswaldorf.org

Band, Dwayne Petrow:  schoolband@stpeterswaldorf.org

Media, Kathy Godfrey: schoolmedia@stpeterswaldorf.org

Music, Lynne Bouchard: schoolmusic@stpeterswaldorf.org

Spanish, Ashley Rexroth: schoolspanish@stpeterswaldorf.org
Physical Education, Rudi Adriani: schoolpe@stpeterswaldorf.org
Hot Lunch Coordinator: Diane@themainingredient.com

Teacher Email Log-in
St. Peter’s School is an Archdiocese of Washington Catholic School. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. St. Peter’s is also a member of the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) and the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).